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Welcome to Soles of Silk — a Web site dedicated to photography of female feet. This, however, is not a site that contains nudity or sexual explicit material of any kind.

Taking photos and doing artwork based off of my fetish for female feet has been something I, Patrick — the photographer and Web master — have done since my days in high school and college art classes. I take a lot of pride in the images that you see here; my portfolio if you will.

In this site you will see photographs of girls next door as well as professional models posing their feet in socks, shoes and stockings, dirty feet, feet pressed into various foods, and best of all, BARE feet — all done in everyday settings and situations.

Enjoy your stay here at Soles of Silk and your comments are always appreciated.


Kelsey has been an all-star here in 2022 and has been a regular when it comes to updates. Next week she's back again, this time giving fans of dirty/messy feet something to love. She rolled her eyes when I mentioned her squishing some mud under those soft soles, but she went over and stomped in it nonetheless!


Below is a list of the most recent updates made to the members section of Soles of Silk. Join today and see all these great update as well as the archives of photos, contributions, clips, interviews and more!

Date Posted Description
November 30, 2022 Abby's bare feet are on display on a sunny day out on the water as she shows them off on a pier while some jelly fish float around down below (65 images) |View Sample|
Allie's little feet are feeling the breeze off the water as she pulls off her sandals just down river from a draw bridge (305 MB - 1080p HD) |View Clip|
8 phone wallpapers of both Mindee & Marcy have been added to the Phone Wallpapers - M Gallery of the Downloads section
November 23, 2022 Kelsey's feet are all warm and bundled up in a pair of boot socks and thick boots before she pulls them off on a nice cool, autumn day, alongside some pumpkins to celebrate Thanksgiving (75 images) |View Sample|
Kelsey pulls off her boot socks while her feet rest on some pumpkins as she's in the mood to celebrate Thanksgiving (315 MB - 1080p HD) |View Clip|
Abby made a huge mess during last week's painting clip and I decided to film her cleaning up some of the mess afterward (222 MB - 1080p HD) |View Clip|
November 16, 2022 Allie is sitting on a bench, after walking around a large pond, and kicks off her flats to air out her sweaty size 5's (68 images) |View Sample|
Abby's feet are a complete mess as she pours paint all over them and creates a work of art on a canvas down below (352 MB - 1080p HD) |View Clip|
4 phone wallpapers of Cierra have been added to the Phone Wallpapers - C Gallery of the Downloads section
November 9, 2022 Carmella's little size 5 feet are sweaty since she's been wearing a pair of black sneakers without socks and she is ready to let them air out (64 images) |View Sample|
Abby's feet were covered in paint after shooting a video clip and I had to take a few more photos of her super messy feet as a bonus for all of you (16 images) |View Sample|
Abby, feeling artsy, kicks up her soft wrinkled soles onto the table, grabs her markers, and begins creating some colorful art (325 MB - 1080p HD) |View Clip|