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I am so happy to finally have Andrea on Soles of Silk. Andrea was my next door neighbor growing up as a child. When I went to college and began running The 10 Little Piggies, I asked Andrea to pose for me and to my delight, she accepted the offer and was flattered. I still remember asking her out by the curb, being slightly embarassed. To make a long story short, Andrea ended up posing for more photos than any model in the days of The 10 Little Piggies.

A few weeks ago I ran into Andrea and we struck up a little conversation. I ended up telling her about Soles of Silk and how I had closed The 10 Little Piggies years ago. I mentioned posing for Soles of Silk and once again, she was more than happy to do so. Now lets see if she can do what she did before and become the site's most photographed model. Lots of toe spreading and sole scrunches to be seen!