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More than any other model on this site, this one is one I never thought I'd get to pose. Ten years ago when I was in college and running The 10 Little Piggies I asked her to and she just wouldn't. Ginger has always enjoyed messing with me and I really think she enjoyed me wanting to photograph her feet so much, but in the end, denying me. Liking a good tease, it was always a little fun, but I did really want to do sets with her.

After moving a few years ago I lost contact with Ginger until late 2009 when she moved back home. We caught up again and I mentioned Soles of Silk. I went for broke and asked again, not expecting her to say yes. To my delight, she said she would and I'm so happy to have her here. She loved our first sets and looks interested in doing some more. I guess good things do come to those who wait...