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This is Kellie, Kimmie's identical twin sister. Both Kellie and Kimmie had promised to pose their tiny little size 5 feet for Soles of Silk ever since I opened the site in Dec. of 2004. A few months later, we were finally able to meet up and I know you'll be happy we did.

Kellie, like her sister, loves looking sexy and getting our undivided attention. Well, right now Kellie has exactly that. And all she had to do was kick off her shoes! Foot guys are so simple!

Immediately following our first shoot, Kellie asked me to photograph again. She invited me back a few days later for another set, but we were unable to committ to a time. But don't worry, Kellie is looking forward to showing off her cute little feet and I am looking forward to taking photos of them. Can you blame me?