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Meet Kimmie, twin sister of Kellie. I've known Kimmie and Kellie for years and have been after the both of them for months to get their identical size 5 feet here on Soles of Silk. I knew they'd go over big! Well, it finally happened.

Kimmie, now that she has posed, has been after me to take more pictures of her A.S.A.P. She's been very vocal about doing a bikini set on a beach, but I have to keep reminding her that bikinis and March weather don't work well together — not in Maryland anyhow. Once that weather warms up, however, you best bet you'll be seeing Kimmie's little feet and tanned skin covered in warm sand!

Be on the lookout for more Kimmie in the future. She loves the attention and I'm all for giving it to her via Soles of Silk!