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Look who it is! It's none other than Lexi of Lexi's Foot Fetish (www.lexisfootfetish.com) posing right here on Soles of Silk! I've gotten to shoot some of the favorite foot girls on the Web, but Lexi has to be my crowning acheivement.

I've always been a huge fan of Lexi and her sky-high arches! Seriously, the St. Louis Arch has nothing on these. Fellow Lexi fans know what I'm talking about. For those new to Lexi... first of all, where have you been? And second, you're gonna be impressed by these feet without a doubt!

I think all of you will be happy to know that Lexi will make regular appearances in the model gallery! Just wait until you see what else is on the horizon for this awesome girl! And be sure to see her contributions from her site in the Contribution section of Soles of Silk.